David E Ragland – Photographs, Artwork, and Books

I am a photographer and author based in Phoenix Arizona, USA. Over the years I have traveled to many places to find the perfect images of sometimes imperfect things and the settings for my books. On this sight I have artwork that is for sale at Fine Art America and books for sale at Amazon and all outlets selling books online, including audiobooks. I also may receive compensation from links contained throughout this website. Please give my books a read and see if any of my photos or artwork fit your style.

A broken conch shell in the sand wih other shells nearby. You can see the inner structure of the shell.

All artwork and photographs on this website are copyright David E Ragland – No unauthorized use or reproduction is authorized or permitted in any manner, electronic, artificial intelligence, physical, or otherwise. You may purchase rights using the links provided with the image on this website or through one of my official commercial affiliates.

I was chosen to appear as an Indie Author at the 2023 Tucson Festival of Books. Learn more about the festival here

In 2017 I appeared at the Tucson Festival of Books as “Tres Buffalo”, a pseudonym I used due to the day job I had at the time. Learn more about the festival here

I had a Tres Buffalo Facebook site until Facebook decided that I had to have an official ID to keep it, and since there is no such thing as an official ID for an author’s pseudonym, they cancelled my access to my page. This is the main reason nothing was published for a few years and I lost a lot of contacts, photos, and business through having to change my author page and all of my publications to my real name. I do have a Facebook “page” that I tried to resurrect Tres, but it has not had anywhere near the engagement as my former site and I have essentially had to abandon it because of this.

Don’t be a criminal!

Did you know stealing art from websites is a crime? Many artist are struggling against the onset of both AI generated images and governments that look the other way regarding theft of intellectual property. When someone copies an image from one of our websites and uses AI to remove watermarks (intent) so they can use the art without paying for it they are guilty of a crime, no matter how trivial you might think it is, and if the art is priced above a certain amout it’s fraud. If you see something you like, please pay the few dollars for it’s use of buy the art outright. My Pixels website has very reasonable pricing for using my art. I am sure you don’t walk into a local merchants shop and grab whatever you want without paying, so don’t do it to artists. This is a warning that if an Internet image or text search finds you are using any of my artwork for any reason, including personal use on social media or any other place, I will refer the matter to the proper authorities and cooperate fully by pressing any charges recommended.